Mission and values

We give transparency in a global and changing automotive market, empowering our customers to make informed decisions.  We do this by providing independent automotive data, which fuels applications and advisory services to form intuitive solutions.

Our values

Quality driven
We are passionate in making sure the information we produce for our customers is accurate, timely, transparent and comprehensive.   We provide the reassurance that we will always deliver clear, reliable, relevant, high quality data and products.

We deliver transparency to our customers, providing them with the products and data that give them the insight and understanding they need to enable them to drive more profitable decisions and businesses.

We are independent, objective and impartial.  We clearly deal in the facts and are confident that what we provide is of real value to our customers.  We are fair and unbiased in our expertise.

We are not content with accepting the status quo.  We push ourselves to develop original and practical solutions to our customers’ needs.  We work to be first to develop new ideas and new solutions that bring a different perspective on the market.

We will be clear and uncomplicated in what we do and how we communicate with customers. We have a straight-forward, logical approach to our products and services and will communicate them in a way that is simple and clear.